Yunnan Baiyao Plaster 5pc

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Yunnan Baiyao External Pain Relieving Plaster Patch - Instant Fast Acting Pain Relief

Yunnan Baiyao is a 100% all natural herbal formula used by Chinese medicine practitioners for over 100 years. 

The formula promotes circulation and stops bleeding on contact. Since then , Yunnan baiyao has developed a wide range of products , this Yunnan Baiyao plaster patch may be used for relief of minor pains and aches of muscles and joints. Works great for arthritis , shoulder impingement , strains , bruises , back aches , sprains and other pain related ailments

  • patch size - 10cm x 6.5cm ( 4" x 2.5" )
  • each box contains 8 patches 
  • for small areas , patch may be cut and used
  • directions - clean and dry affected area , remove plaster from plastic back label and apply

What Does Yunnan Baiyao Do ?

In 1902, A doctor by the name of Qu Huanzhang invented an effective proprietary blend of herbs to help reduce bleeding. In the year that have proceeded, this blend of herbs was named Yunnan Baiyao (White Medicine Of Yunnan). Yunnan Baiyao found it's way to the battleground for the Chinese soldiers during the Japanese invasion. It was also used by Vietcong during the Vietnam war with the U.S. The use of Yunnan Baiyao undoubtedly saved countless lives on the bloody battlegrounds.

In Mainland China, Yunnan Baiyao is the go to remedy for any type of bleeding internally or externally. It is safe to be used as first aid and directly on wound, or it can be ingested internally.

Chinese medicine practitioners explain Yunnan Baiyao to reduce and stop bleeding, increase blood circulation, reduces blood stasis, purifies toxins, reduces pain and swelling. There have been studies where Yunnan Baiyao is proved to reduce the blood clotting time with less inflammation.

The Chinese government treat Yunnan Baiyao as a state secret and the exact ingredients and manufacturing process is confidential. 

Active Ingredients:
Camphor 10% Menthol 3% 
Inactive Ingredients:
Isopropyl alcohol, Bomeol, Chinese Yam, Erodium stepanianum & geranium wilfordii, tienchi ginseng, Rosin, Rubber, Petroleum Jelly, Zinc oxide


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